Enviroclean is proudly certified through Bona Wood using their deep cleaning and finishing system. The process is considered to be an interim maintenance service for floors that do not require a full sanding refinish. There is no sanding involved with this process. The machinery that is employed with this method of cleaning is designed to break up grease and oil that resides within your wooden flooring. The machine that is used first applies a neutral pH solution then brushes are used to agitate the solution and break up any soiling atop the wooden flooring. While this is occurring, the machine is simultaneously extracting the water/solutions to prevent them from pooling on the flooring. Once this cleaning system is completed, we apply the floor polish/finish. The floor polish is a polyurethane/acrylic blend resin that seals the wooden flooring and restores its sheen.
Before Photo

Before Cleaning and Finishing

Finished Product

After Cleaning and Finishing

During Cleaning

During Cleaning Process

During Cleaning Process

During Finishing Process