Our Start

Established in 1984

When Enviroclean first established in 1984, we began as a small residential maid/cleaning service. We specialized in post-construction cleaning and weekly maintenance cleaning. The idea of providing carpet cleaning services was brought up when many of our clients began asking if we also could clean the carpeting in their homes. Admittedly, at that point we did not really know much about carpet cleaning. So, instead of jumping in head-first and learning as we went along, we decided to research as much as we could and decide if adding on this service would be a good fit for our company.

We began our research by hiring other carpet cleaning companies. We did this so that we would be able to observe their cleaning processes and actions, live. Through our observations, we began to realize that the cleaning methods which were being employed were not sufficiently removing dirt from carpeting (let alone any contaminates unseen to the naked eye). We were surprised that not one company actually removed dirt from the carpeting. Through continued observations and inquiries from the carpet cleaning technicians and company owners, we learned that most carpet cleaners did not have the knowledge or purpose as to why they were cleaning. To sum up our many conversations, their main concern was to “get in to the house with low prices, collect the check, and go to the next home”. The entire process was simply a thoughtless transaction. There was no concern as to whether or not they were providing a service that would stand the test of time. We decided that needed to change.

From the first house we serviced, our primary focus was (and still is) human health care and improving the quality of the indoor environment for our clients’ homes. Our second objective was a high quality cosmetic appearance that would last a long period of time. By developing cleaning protocols that addressed the proper removal of indoor contaminates, we were able to satisfy both focuses. Most importantly, this system focused on health, proper hygiene, and overall wellness. Today, we have reached the top of our field in carpet cleaning, and are still the only carpet cleaning company that truly cleans for health.



Our Focus

Human Health Care

Our primary focus is human health care and improving the IEQ (Indoor Environmental Quality) of our clients’ homes. Our secondary focus is providing a high quality cosmetic appearance. The question one must ask him or herself is, why does human health care matter in terms of cleaning? Most of us wash our hands dozens of times each day to remove germs. Additionally, we remove germs from our dishes, cups, countertops, floors, clothing, and we monitor our food for spoilage in an effort to decrease our chances of contracting illness causing diseases. So how is carpeting any different?

Currently, nearly all of the cleaning programs developed by the cleaning industry leaders focus primarily on appearance. These cleaning programs only give “lip service” to health care. In fact, during training for certification in Cleaning 101, the neophyte/novice cleaning technician learns how to clean for appearance and how to woo the female audience, while health care is a tertiary issue. The common thought in the industry is that by cleaning they “must” be improving the overall health of the carpeting and home. To add insult to injury, carpet manufacturers have developed carpet fibers with “dirt-hiding capabilities”. Imagine purchasing dishes with dirt-hiding capabilities. Would you continue to use these dishes without cleaning them? Dirt itself contains many germs. So in essence, the carpet manufacturers has made carpeting to hide germs. To compound an already bad situation, the manufacturers of carpeting are the entities who dictate how often carpeting should be cleaned. We call that having the fox watching the chicken coop, and make the rules for the chickens.

Improving the appearance of something is but a very small part of “clean”. It is possible to improve the appearance of carpeting which has had a dog urinate upon it; however, it is not clean just because the stain is not visible at the surface of the carpeting. Even within a home where the carpeting has not had any staining, simply making the carpeting “look better” does not mean the carpeting will be clean. Carpeting is the perfect filter for everything in the house, especially filtering dust from the air. The greatest percentage of dust is comprised of dead human skin cells, dust mites, and the fecal matter of the dust mites. It is imperative that these contaminates are removed from the carpeting. If a company were to simply make the carpeting “look better” without addressing these issues, they are undoubtedly providing a disservice to their customers.

One should view carpeting as clothing for the floors. Imagine placing a white towel on the carpeting within your home and walking on it repeatedly over the course of a week, a month, or even a year. If you wear shoes in your home, after about one month, you would probably throw that towel into the trash. So, why wait so long to have your carpeting cleaned?


Steps for Cleaning Properly

The Key To Health Care Cleaning

  1. A strict adherence to very rigid sanitary protocols for every step in the cleaning process
  2. Personnel with superior knowledge and training in health and hygienic cleaning procedures
  3. The use of the latest equipment designed for the highest quality rinse and extraction
  4. Entering each facility and home with cleaned and sanitized equipment. (We even clean the exterior of our hoses prior to service for each client)
  5. The proper application of carpet cleaning products which provide the highest quality results safely. For instance, at Enviroclean of Illinois we employ proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzymes to pre-condition carpeting prior to extraction.
  6. Thorough rinsing and flushing of the carpeting
  7. Thorough extraction of the water and contaminates which have been loosened by the enzymes.

There are many additional steps in between that we take such as exhausting the contaminates outside of your home and wearing shoe covers to protect your home from germs.

Note: Proper equipment is essential to providing the best possible health and hygienic cleaning in addition to a superior quality appearance. Our van-mounted rinse extraction units deliver water temperatures in excess of 250 degrees. This means excellent soil removal and extraction capabilities if used correctly.

Some companies employ unsanitary and inferior equipment which they bring inside of your home. These portable machines, which are brought into your home, will be spreading those unhealthy contaminates into your home To add insult to injury, when they bring a machine into your home, they also spread the germs from all the homes they’ve been to prior to your home.